The Amazing Arieonna


A Masterpiece! Behind her, displays Smith’s hard work and dedication alongside other aspiring artist’s. Masterpieces such as these range from: Photography, Paintings, and/or Web Designs

The gallery at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is home to the works of many artists, both professional and amateur. One young artist, senior  Arieonna Smith was inducted into the gallery. Arieonna participates in the College Arts Access Program at SAIC, this program her skills have improved.

   “I feel it’s truly enhance my skills in art and improved the work I’ve made. I learned how to work with a DSLR camera, paint, figure draw and create installations,” said Smith.

       Smith piece is not without meaning, she said  that the display is a commentary on the idea of society critiquing cultures and heritage.

“With appropriation, often comes assimilation, when seeing your culture being taken from you with not much of a fight it can seem easy to feel forced into the idea that it’s okay. Stereotypes involving “black” people (not just African Americans) usually involve the thoughts: “black people are loud, thieves of materials, jobs, and even stealing someone’s normal way of life.” The label “white” is the idea of privilege and superiority. ‘Black and white’ are colors, stereotypes, and expectations that are put onto each race and came to life decades ago and this work challenges and critiques them,” said Smith.

Smith passion lies in photography and she will continue to improve and produce projects such as this, possibly appearing in other galleries along the way.