Locks of Love

There are many ways that a single individual can make a difference from such a small act or decision. So when Senior Yamid Juarez decided to cut her hair in February, she didn’t realize then that she would also make the decision of also donating her hair, turning a simple decision into an impactful one.


Juarez made her way to “Victor Mauricio,” a salon on Archer, to have her hair cut short because she had always wanted to have her hair like that, yet she used to feel a little self-conscious. On this particular day however, Juarez had worked up the courage to finally have her dream hair.


Having long and thick hair, it literally lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I felt like my hair really didn’t make or break my femininity and I’m more confident now than before,” said Juarez.


After the process of getting her haircut, Juarez was asked a question that would later influence her decision on making a difference in today’s society.


“They ask you whether you want to keep it or let them handle it and when I asked what that meant he said that they donate “virgin” hair when it passes a certain length,” said Juarez.


Juarez then made the decision to donate her hair, making a simple haircut gain more value than it had. She later received a lot of positive feedback on her hair style and says that if she had the chance to do this again, that she definitely would.