Guadalupe’s Scholarship

This school year is riddled with great news on scholarships and college acceptance for the class of 2018. Adding on to this trend of great news, Guadalupe Trejo,senior captain of the debate team,won the Illinois College Trustee scholarship and was accepted into their honors college.

This scholarship is given to the top five students in the class that has shown academic excellence and leadership qualities, which will cover all of Trejo’s tuition fees proving a great accomplishment.

“Once you apply for admission, you have the choice to check whether or not you want to be considered for some of their top scholarships. After about 2 weeks of getting admitted, I received an invitation to an event called “Bright Blue”. It was an event for the top 10% of the class to come visit campus and get interviewed for the full tuition scholarships. I attended, got interviewed by an IC Alumni and the Dean, and got accepted a month later,” said Trejo.

The process was very stressful and the chances were very slim;being that the top ten percent of the class was composed of more than a hundred students causing  an ray of emotions.

“I felt extremely nervous at first because of the fact that the chances were very slim…It wasn’t until after the interview started that I began feeling comfortable,“ said Trejo.

Her goal is to graduate college debt free and obtaining this scholarship deems a step in the right direction, along with offering extra incentives like being admitted into their honors college and being able to study abroad for free.