America’s #1 Even Better

The “Tide Pod challenge” is a real viral phenomenon where people bite into Tide brand laundry detergent pods. Teenagers are taking this new trend and posting themselves biting into Tide Pods. Tide first introduced these pods in 2012; Tide and other companies that manufacture similar products have had to put warning labels to prevent small children from consuming them. The desire to even taste pods is a joke and makes teenagers look really stupid. Although the teens who have done this challenge gain popularity, it is not worth their lives or health.

In 2012 there were eight deaths of children five years or younger. In the last year, U.S. Poison Control Center stated that 10,500 children younger than five years and 220 teens ate Tide Pods. Twenty-five percent of those cases were international. Now 11 days into January 2018, there are 37 reports among teens, half of those were international. These pods are dangerous and are not meant to be consumed. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that these pods are highly concentrated, toxic detergent which can cause harm.

Why would someone 13-19 years old want to consume a product that can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties, or loss of consciousness? The chemicals found in the detergent can change blood pressure, heart rate, and can cause a seizure. Of greater importance, even if this trend is going viral, why put your life at risk over jumping on a bandwagon? Many teens use the excuse that it’s going viral meaning they could get popular. Instead of consuming laundry detergent find something worth being known for. That is a little smarter.

These are the things being done to stop Tide Pod consumption. According to YouTube, Community Guidelines prohibit content that’s intended to encourage dangerous activities that have and inherent risk of physical harm. Tide released a public announcement on the “Tide POD Challenge.” “What should Tide Pods be used for? Doing Laundry. Nothing else,” the company said on social media. “Eating a Tide POD is a BAD Idea, and we asked our friend @robgronkowski to help explain.”

Do not consume laundry detergent. Use it for your dirty laundry, not your dirty mouth.