God’s Plan Review

Drake has recently released the video to his new hit song “God’s Plan,” after just releasing the song January 19th, 2018. This video was released February 16th, 2018 on Drake’s official Youtube channel.

This video has been getting a lot of attention because the song was released about a month ago. It is also getting a lot of attention because Drake is a popular and mainstream rapper and all of his music that is related gets a lot of attention.

The video already has 40,342,003 views and over 2 million likes. The budget for the video was $996,631.90 and they spent all the money.

Drake in the video is going around stores telling people to buy whatever they want. He is driving around and giving people money, and cars. He also bought toys for kids and donated a lot of money to different organizations.

           Overall this song is good, I give it a 5/5 and I recommend people listen to it.