A Death Wish?

Gabriel Cadena

Bruce Willis stars in a remake of the 1974 thriller that revives the trigger-happy controversy in today’s politics in Chicago. In current time as his daughter is shot and wife killed in a robbery incident.

Death Wish is a remake placed in Chicago. Bruce Willis is a surgeon in Chicago at Rush Hospital. In the movie, he and his family were at a special event. They were having a conversion with some people about an event coming up at their house. They gave out their address and the butler overheard it and recorded the address on his phone. Later on a different night, the butler came with a group of people to burglarize the house. The wife and daughter were in the house. Accidentally, one of the burglars shot the wife and daughter. The wife ended up dead.

The doctor then found out his wife was killed and daughter in critical condition. After a while of him relying on the FBI to find the criminals, it wasn’t successful. Because of this, he decided to take action on his own. He learned how to use a gun, and would help stop crime in the meantime while he tried to solve the case himself. The butler was then shot and the doctor happened to remember him because he stole his prized watch. So from there, he took his phone. He was able to track the other robbers and kill them all and gain revenge.

This movie was very action packed with good action scenes. They had very brilliant scenes that showcased Bruce Willis’s good acting skills. He showcased his intelligence as a doctor and his high IQ made some smart decisions that normal people would not be able to process. Many people say this does not compare to the original and say the original is way better. If you ignore the fact that this was a remake, you can say it is a very enjoyable, action-packed and interesting with a good different plot.