Fresh Off the Boat


Most people who have seen and enjoyed the show “Everybody Hates Chris” would definitely love Fresh Off the boat. This show takes the perspective of a Asian family instead of an African American family. With a well rounded cast, the show is very lively with many things going on that always keep the show very fresh (pun intended) on weekly basis. Whether it be the two younger brothers, Emery and Evan, trying to gain their mother’s attention or the youngest brother, Emery, being apart of the neighborhood associate with a bunch adults.


The First season starts off a little typical because the family is trying to fit in their new home in Florida, but the whole idea that they are Chinese is new because it’s a new culture that hasn’t  well represented in t.v for the past 60 years or so. Fresh Off the Boat’s story is very relatable because of the diversity of characters that are on the show. As you as you watch the show you tend to form almost like a bond to a character wanting to know what’s next and whether or not things go their way.


Fresh Off the Boat has life lessons in most episodes are that introduced with some comedy and can be very meaningful. While the show can be very goofy most of the time in reality it’s not all about the laughs. The writers are trying get messages across to their audience. I would rate this show 4 out of 5. Anyone who likes comedies should give it a try and who knows you might get hooked too you can watch most of the episodes on Hulu, but you don’t have Hulu you can also watch it on ABC at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays.