Journalism Symposium

Many people may wonder why journalist’s exist in today’s society and their importance. Journalist’s do many things ranging from capturing breaking news to sharing vital information with the public. In 2018, Phoenix Military Academy’s very own students attended a Journalism Symposium and got a glimpse of what being a journalist really means with Journalism instructor, Mrs. Fernandez.  

“It was a symposium to kind of teach us the deeper aspects of journalism,” said junior Keilyn Torres about the event.

It was an opportunity that allowed these students to learn more about journalism and explore the more interesting parts to make them better journalists. They were offered tips and tricks to help them out when interviewing individuals or writing articles.

“I went because I really enjoy journalism and it is something I want to do in the future and this was a key thing that confirmed that for me as well as gave me information that would help me to become a professional journalist later on in life,” said Torres.

The symposium was a perfect experience for any student that may be serious about journalism because it offered various opportunities and allowed these students to meet the journalist who wrote about Trayvon Martin who shared his experience along the way.

The students who attended would definitely recommend other students to do the same and would love to return to an event such as that one to learn more about journalism.