Why are you doing this?

The new movie “The Strangers: Prey At Night” is a sequel to the very first movie known as “The Strangers”. There are follow-ups of many main characters in which is something difficult for others. This horror movie is based on a family in which they do a massive killing towards another family by using masks to cover their identity.

With these things happening throughout the movie people are beyond scared as well are interested in why the psychopath family with masks are doing this. This can be something that’s difficult for others to understand because there are intensive parts of the movie in which others may see that it can be scary for them.

The main characters in the movie is a family of four who is going to drop off their daughter at a boarding school but spend the night at the uncle’s business located in a trailer park. This is something in which the mother finds very suspicious when all the uncle leaves are the keys to the trailer, where they’ll be staying at. Minutes after when they settle into the trailer, they receive a knock on the door assuming it was their uncle, in which it’s the psychopath family coming to attack them.

Most of all I recommend the new movie, “The Strangers: Prey At  Night” for those who are huge fans of the very first movie “The Strangers.” The movie “The Strangers: Prey At Night” is by far five out of five stars.