Sports in High School

Many students throughout their four years of high school join sports as a way to destress. Some sports are more physical than others, sometimes even too dangerous according to critics.  There’s many sports to join in high school, and sports like hockey, soccer, basketball and football allow people to meet and have a good experience throughout high school..

Sports can help you to stay healthy. Staying healthy is an important part of highschool because in high school, some friends want to do drugs and it’s better to join a sport to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a passion for a sport can help you exercise without knowing your exercising, because you’re having fun while playing. Joining a sport in high school is one the best things you can do while in high school.

On the other end, sports in high school may be too intense, due to the fact that someone can get injured, which can affect their high school life. The consequences of getting injured in high school, if you’re a star player of your team, can make you lose scholarships, just because of an injury you had or maybe even worse. Making your career of the sport you had a passion be lost in seconds. For example the Bogan high school football player, Andre Smith, who died because of an on field collision to the head.

Joining a sport during high school can also allow you to enjoy high school life, instead of always sitting at a desk, doing classwork everyday. Joining a sport allows you to create bonds and build upon your teambuilding and communication skills.

In high school academics are important, but if you play any sport, you can add that to your college application because it looks good. Even more, if you’re good at the sport of your choosing you can even get scholarships that will allow you play college sports, which could be a career in life.

Overall joining sports can give you a healthier high school lifestyle. Joining a sport can give you a different pace so you can actually enjoy high school.

Joining a sport can be dangerous but if you’re wearing protection and know what to do when you’re playing, you should be fine.