Drumming and Horn Playing?

Some kids when they are young dream about playing an instrument, whether that is the trumpet, tuba, flute, clarinet or the more popular drums. Now you can make that a reality with the Drum and Bugle line, also known as band.

“I have always wanted to play a instrument, but never had the chance since my elementary never had a music program,” said freshman David Arcos.

Many of the musicians at Phoenix have no experience whatsoever, but they have enjoyed it so far and have made plenty of memories.

“I’ve been playing half the year and playing as a group is my favorite memory,” said freshman Kevin Vele.

Of course that can change with the new music program next year. It will help students with general music learn how to read notes and play an instrument.

“ Yes a new program will open up, General music is going to be taught,” said Arcos.

Although there are some good things like getting a new program, there is also some hardships like not having everyone at practice, and when everyone is at practice, they are messing around.

“The biggest struggle is that there is a lot of messing around and a lot of absences,” said Arcos.

Even then, the Drum and Bugle keep their heads held up high with getting their music across to the next level. They are still recruiting and are considered an all year program. If anyone is interested they can talk to any band member about joining.