Revenge of 2k18


I love 2k18. It is one of the best games ever. The game new graphics, new parks but the animations are horrible. However,  I like it. It’s a lot of hard work to be the best in 2k. It takes plenty of hours to get that overall score of your person up to a 99. There are plenty of other people that enjoy the new graphics. Having a legend like Shaq on  the cover gave me hope about the game. The things that get you in this game is how realistic it looks and how it feels, it is like if you are actually there They upgraded a lot from the previous 2k games, But they still use the same dribble moves.  The graphics is the first thing that catches your eye.

The deals you get the edition you buy you have three deals.” If you preorder it for 60 dollars,” you get coins that can help your  player to a higher overall. It’s also to another category My team a team with different NBA players on together. The Legend Edition gives you even more coins and clothes for your player and also items can hang up around your house. Then, the Gold Edition gives 150,000 coins and with even more clothes and items.

At the end of the game there is an opportunity to get paid real money.  There is a tournament at the end with, “Playstation” 4 players compete against Xbox  1 players. The winner gets $250,000.

4.5/5 on a rating for 2k being one of the best game to ever be made.