Why You Should Play Video Games

Wanna play? Let’s Go! Studies show that playing video games provides  relaxation and a kind of comfort from what we face in our daily lives. Video games are not only popular amongst kids, but a vast majority of adults.


Some of the pros for playing video games are that they help you make decisions in your daily life, say you are confused about something you will have the courage to choose a decision.


Another benefit from playing video games is that  they help people with dyslexia temporarily overcome it. Those who suffer from dyslexia will become completely focused on the game, which is a skill they may adapt as the habit of being more focused in life.


More benefits for playing videos games are developing the ability to learn. Many video games have strategic concepts that help differentiate  one’s ability to learn. Like me, I learned a lot of skills from playing Fallout and the Last of Us.


Another benefit of playing video games is that  they increase your ability to work through tough situations. There are times in video games like “Boss battle” that are hard and may seem impossible to win but as one keeps playing they may be able to find a possible way to cross the level.


While there may be disadvantages to playing video games there are more benefits for playing them if you do not go overboard. And this does not just go for video games but too much of anything is bad for you. Even, studies show that brave, respectable veterans who suffer from PTSD play tetris  to focus on completing the game instead of remembering bad memories.