To Bike or Not to Bike ?

Fact: Over 100 million Americans have ridden their bike in the last year. Cycling is not only very healthy, but it can also help elevate your physical, mental and social levels. As with all good things cycling can have its disadvantages and downfalls such as injury but the risks of cycling can not outweigh its advantages.


The first known “bike” was created in 1817 and since then has given people a medium to safely and easily stay healthy. Cycling is not only fun, but also is less intimidating than most exercise routines. Most can vouch that while walking into the gym the big, over complicated machines can be intimidating. The solution – simply go to a cycling machine. Cycling machines are not only simple but anyone can use them.

If the gym is not your thing it may get even easier. Simply take out that old bike you have stored in the garage and take it out for a spin. Cycling has been known to help with health issues such as strength deficiency, low cardiovascularity, limited joint mobility, and high levels of stress that cause depression and anxiety.


Along with the health issues cycling can not only help you physically but mentally as well. Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by regularly bike riding. This is due to the dopamine, the happy chemical, that is released in the brain causing a euphoric state to occur thus insuring a better state of mind. Cycling also keeps the mind sharp because  you focus on multiple variables at a time such as balance, speed, and obstacles that challenge and promote good and optimal brain activity. Along with this it has long been said that in order to have a healthy brain you must have a companion and biking is great for that.


People bike everywhere around the world so it is not hard to find or make a new friend in a new environment. Cycling is also becoming increasingly easier to do in urban areas. Twenty five more miles of cycling specific trails have been installed in America as of 2017, breaking the record of eighteen miles the year prior. This increase in trails, encourages more Americans to get together and share a ride by starting bike groups such as RTR, BWF, WRF, and NWF. This increase in the bike community gives outlets for people of all ages, races, sizes, and faiths to come together in harmony and do something great for the world.


Cycling is beneficial due to its ability to increase physical, mental and social health. It promotes a healthier lifestyle that includes lower physical damage, a stronger, sharper mind and better social skills that can impact the globe on a monumental scale. So go out, get a bike, take a ride and enjoy life. All it takes is one person to influence another that will continue the cycle and together we can change the world.