The Future of Battle Royales

Battle Royale games have taken over the video game industry. The Battle Royale theme consists of up to 100 players dropping in a large scale map full of resources, weapons and other consumables. When players drop into these maps they start off with nothing, but scavenge for the items that are scattered around the map. The franchise started off with Minecraft’s “Survival Games” Mod that allowed players to join and look for equipment to later fight in death matches. Since that game came out, H1Z1 and King of the Kill followed up with the same style of gameplay, but as of today, the top two kings that rule the Battle Royale title are Playerunknown’s: BattleGround (PUBG) and Fortnite. Although the two are the top contenders, Fortnite seems to be the more popular choice.


Even though both are great games, Fortnite is a much better running and polished game than PUBG.


PUBG is the realistic military style type of game of the two and has a hyper realistic feel to it. The design style and weapons in the game resemble those that are in production or used in today’s military. The game has vehicles which allows easier navigation throughout the map and allows you to cover more ground, helping you evade the storm. PUBGs variety of weapons allows the player to fill in any playstyle they associate with, whether it’s running and gunning people down with a submachine gun or staying far away from your enemies and picking them off from a distance with a sniper rifle. The game is perfect in the sense that it allows you to play and navigate the way that you want.


Although PUBG is a realistic first person shooter, Fortnite runs and renders better than PUBG. Fortnite has a cartoonish style to the game that makes it easy for any game system to run. Although it’s not as realistic as PUBG, it still has most of the base variables that make up a Battle Royale shooter game. It has a large scale map and different variations of loot to pick up which helps players whether they are first timers or veteran players. The rarity of weapon goes from common, being the lowest rarity, uncommon, rare, legendary, and epic, being the best. The weapons have some quick info when picking them up, telling you what range they are best for. Sniper rifles and most explosive weapons are for long range combat, assault rifles and revolvers are good for medium to long range fights, and shotguns are great in mid range and short range battles. Although they have a recommended range and playstyle, some players have found out certain weapons have a bit more range than what they are told.


To finish off, Fortnite is a free to play game that doesn’t require any membership whatsoever to play. You can download the game straight off the internet, which means you can spend those $40 on whatever your little heart desires. Nowadays, most AAA games like Call of Duty and Battlefield come at a whopping price of $60 and that’s not including the season pass, which can cost you another $20 – $30 dollars. Although Fortnite does have content you can buy in their in game store, it is all cosmetic items and won’t affect your gameplay whatsoever. Someone that has been playing for free and hasn’t bought a single item in the game has an equal opportunity to win as someone who’s dished out $50 worth of cosmetic items. The only factor that plays into this and will debate whether you win or lose is your skill and how you use the building mechanics to your advantage.


Fortnite will be the Battle Royale game of the year because it is by far more stable than PUBG is. Fortnite runs smoothly and has no network issues compared to PUBG. PUBG is also unplayable with its lag and rendering issues.


If you were to pay $40 for a game like PUBG and find out it’s only half made with many issues, would you still consider buying it?