Eminem the G.O.A.T

Eminem, formally known as  Marshall Bruce Mathers III is well  known for hit songs like “Love the Way you Lie”, “Not Afraid”, “Lose Yourself”, and many more. Eminem is a rapper that took over hip-hop as one of the first white rappers to have big achievements.  For example, he was nominated 505 times for awards, won 15 grammys, won an Oscar and was the first hip-hop artist to do so. On top of that, he has sold 49 million albums in the United States.


In addition to all his achievements, Eminem is the greatest rapper to have been in hip-hop because  of his many awards, for breaking barriers as one of the first big white rappers and being the only hip-hop artist to star in a movie, and win an Oscar for it.. Although it is true, of course that people may think his music is too explicit and controversial, but and the music Eminem makes is not for young kids. Eminem is well-known for  explicit, controversial lyrics but this makes his songs stronger. There is music Eminem has released that has emotional meaning and the use of his bad words makes it understandable as to why he uses that type of language. For example, songs like “Mockingbird”,which is a a song dedicated to s his daughter and how he misses the old days. There are also more of his recent songs, “Bad Husband”, which says  sorry to his ex-wife, Kim Mathers. Lastly “Headlights”, he apologizes to his mother, Deborah Mathers, and says he regrets writing his past songs about her and using her as a stepping-stool to get famous. Those songs all show his emotions.


Of even greater importance, Eminem was also a drug-addict at one point in his career. Eminem had a near-death experience in 2007. Eminem overdosed on methadone, and while taking a shower, he collapsed.


In an interview Eminem stated, “Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died.My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything. They were gonna have to put me on dialysis, they didn’t think I was gonna make it.”


He raps  about this experience on his recent album in the song, “Arose.” The lyrics “I’m pledging to throw this methadone in the toilet, Shred these old letters I wrote, All that old pathetic loathing, closing credits can roll. I’m proud to be back,” were sang as if he was telling this to his daughter, who Eminem says is the only thing keeping him alive. . Eminem has said that he is happy that he finally decided to get rid of drugs.


Finally, Eminem raps a lot about the people he loves the most, which are his daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers and his best friend, Deshaun Dupree Holton. r Eminem raps about the love for his daughters in songs like “Mockingbird”, “Hailie’s Song”, “Castle”, and “When I’m Gone”. Eminem loves Hailie more than anything and has stated many times in the past that if it weren’t for her, he would’ve done so many bad things. Next comes his best friend, “Proof”, who has been friends with Eminem since they were little.He actually died on April 11th, 2006, when he was shot during a club altercation. Eminem raps about his lost in the song “You’re Never Over”, saying Proof is now his guardian angel and he is the other reason, aside form Hailie, that he’s going to keep rapping. These songs and dedications show how Eminem isn’t like today’s rappers who rap about girls, drugs, and killing people, whose listeners do not even know what they are saying. In his recent song, “Chloraseptic”, Eminem makes fun of mumble rappers, like Lil Pump, 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi Vert.


Overall, Eminem is the best lyricist and has achieved many great things along with his meaningful music, and to date is one of, if not the best rapper, despite having songs that have caused controversy. With his most recent album, “Revival”, who knows when Eminem will retire, but being one of his biggest fans, I hope he comes back with more songs and albums and keeps being the great artist and lyricist that he is.