‘You’re Ready Now’


‘The first CPR class taught at Phoenix Military Academy, certified all seniors to perform CPR in case of an emergency. Mariam Perez ,from 5+1=20, linked the seniors with the American Red Cross to come teach  the essentials to recognize the signs of a heart attack and possibly save a life.

“ You never know when a family member or friend may need your help. This is very vital training,” said instructor SGT Walker.


According to the American Heart Association, only 70 percent of Americans may feel helpless during a cardiac emergency. Eighty eight  percent of cardiac arrests happen at home, having one person know how to perform CPR can help save a life.


The teacher told us a lot of good techniques on how to perform CPR, you need to compress 100 -120 compressions per minute .Singing a song in your head can help you,” said senior Bryan Castillo.


Rush medical students are scheduled to come in to teach a few health lesson in a few weeks. Classes provided in previous years have helped in previous years to teach a class and give her experience in college and medical school.


Having all of these classes being taught to seniors will  prepare them for a small emergency that can still be critical to a person’s life, whether they choose to step up or not they know that if the chance comes up they can handle it, along with other medical procedures a normal civilian can do.