New Addition To Phoenix

New Addition To Phoenix

The class of  2018 is used to people leaving from their class, by choice or administrative transfer.  However,  the newest member of the senior class is Vanessa Coba and it looks like she’s here to stay.

I wanted something new, and I already knew a couple of people so it was easier to adjust here than somewhere else,” said Coba.

Coba was looking for something different, but instead of starting over somewhere new she chose Phoenix. She knew people at Phoenix so she thought she wouldn’t really feel out of place.

Although it was familiar, it was not all easy.  

“Learning how to get around, having to start fresh, not having a bond with the teachers, and not having my documents being able to transfer over to colleges because of my transfer,” said Coba about the difficulties of transferring.

She had to start over with her college application process because Phoenix did not have the same programs that she had at the Marines to help with the process.

“I like it, the people are kind, the teachers are a lot kinder and the instructors are a lot more relaxed,”  said Coba.

Coba was surprised coming into Phoenix because she thought  it was going to be similar to the Marines, but she found teachers willing to help her out, and instructors who are a bit more understanding of the situation she was in. She feels she came into a much kinder environment than she was previously in.

Coba did find it more difficult to make friends since everyone at Phoenix already knew each other.

“It was different because everybody here already had their groups and at Marines I started as a freshman and everybody was looking for their group so everybody was trying to be friends,”  said Coba.

If ever given the choice Coba would choose to stay at Phoenix because here she feels as if she has more freedom and is treated more as a teenager. She feels as though yes, Phoenix is a military school but they don’t forget that at the end of the day the students are  only teenagers.