Lauren Smith


Grown-ish… the all new tv series of the transition from highschool to college…


The Johnson family’s eldest daughter Zoey is making her first go around into the real world as she heads off to college. She is now making impressions and figuring things out on her own. Not only is she learning she is now testing the waters to find her “jist”. The whole experience will now set her up for adulthood and determine whether or not she is ready and prepared to make decisions accordingly. The series features “that in between place where you’re not quite an adult but facing grown world problems for the first time”.

The show covers temptations, peer pressure and the freedom of not having the rules and guidance of your parents. Already 6 episodes in she has now gotten used to taking speed pills, smoking weed, and partying. Everything she said she WOULDN’T. I think that every senior planning to attend college should watch this, it is relatable and showing of things we will all face in the future. Although we will be faced with these trials, we need to be able to deal with and handle them therefore were already prepared for the consequences. There should be no surprises, as to what happens in college if you watch this show. Another point that’s brought up in the show is that everybody has a “thing”. That being said some people’s things are smoking weed, others may be popping pills, and then you have those that might workout. In college, you will eventually learn what your own individual thing is. The fact that you don’t know before you attend, means you will have to experiment. Which is where everything you’ve already learned comes into play and how you will go about handling having to make a adult decision