Jaliyah Stephanys

 A senior Jaliyah Stephanys, a student who attends Phoenix Military, she enlisted in military her Junior year of high school.Jaliyah plans on doing six years in the military she mentions sometimes she feels hesitant  about going through with it. The military was more than a physical challenge for her, but a mental challenge as well.

I personally think the military isn’t for everybody but it’s a great thing to be apart.” Said Stephanys.

Being a part of the army comes with benefits.Some of the benefits consist of your college being paid for, monthly income, housing, and healthcare.

Usually during red phase it’s a make or break, a lot of people want to give up in the beginning and start to feel hopeless and regret enlisting.

“No, but sometimes I did feel unsure about proceeding with the process of being a part of the army because it challenged me mentally being that I had to stay away from my family for so long,it was a big change for me,” said Stephanys.

Being in a different environment and being brainwashed to wake-up, eat and do the orders of someone else can be draining to someone. Through it all it’s hard to find a motivation.

“Honestly, the money was a motivation also knowing that my family was home waiting and depending on me to succeed and to graduate.” Said Stephanys