The End

Michelle Enriquez

In the new show on Netflix, “The end of the f***ing world”, is known as a new hit show on Netflix which involves two teens, one James played by Alex Lawther, and Alyssa played by Jessica Barden. These two teens are both emotionless, and don’t feel anything at all.

Having James, and Alyssa as the main characters they encounter new people when they leave their parents behind. James being there for Alyssa he goes out to help her find her dad.

Alyssa starts developing feelings for James, and James as well towards her this is something in which triggers them to have feelings for one another and they start to see the world in a whole different perspective. This show is recommended for those 13 and up since the episodes do contain cursing and as well as having a huge plot twist throughout the first season for “The end of the f***ing world”.

Most of all I recommend watching the new show on Netflix “The end of the f***ing world” to be the most craziest yet thrilling show out now. The show “The end of the f***ing world” is by far five out of five stars as a Netflix show.