Making History


Kiara Balleza

It’s here, it has happened and it’s staying in the Phoenix building for history to come! Talk about the ultimate event that has ever caught everyone’s eyes! Senior Kayla Webster has won the Black History Month essay competition and a $2,500 scholarship. The award is sponsored by the City Treasurer Kurt Summers for black students who have a passion for particular issues that matter to them.  

“I was shocked winning the award. I was not notified at all prior to being awarded, all I knew was that Mr. Wip wanted me to wear class A, other than that I did not have any knowledge as to what was going to happen,” said Webster.

The City of Chicago Treasurer Office decided to plan a presentation for Kayla when Mr.Wipachit decided to do a spontaneous ceremony during morning formation! How come?

“It’s important for PMA to recognize and celebrate as much good news and as many achievements as possible in formation. PMA is a “unit, not just a class.” Holding an Awards Ceremony is an old military tradition. I believe a surprise ceremony in front of the PMA Battalion will inspire the others to achieve positive recognition,” said Principal Mr.Wipachit

While it is an extremely amazing thing all students must be aiming for when getting money for college, it’s important to understand what qualities and materials are mandatory to receiving a huge scholarship.

“Because the scholarship is for black students, not all PMA cadets can apply for it. But, for those who do, I suggest that they write a hard hitting essay on issues that matter to them. I honestly do not believe that I would have won the award if I was not passionate about the topic in my essay. So for those who want to apply next year, be passionate about what you’re writing because the judges can sense that,” said Webster


If you would like to see a full article on Kayla’s award made by the Beverly Review, the link is right here —