Bowling Champs

Becoming the champions of bowling is a challenge to many but not to Phoenix Military Academies bowling team who easily do this without any problem. The players work very hard to achieve this and receive endless support from their coach. Coach Paris received the “coach of the year” award.

 “He received the award because he shows us more than just bowling tips he shows us how to respect others outside of bowling,” said Junior Luciano Alvarez.

Overall, teaching kids good sportsmanship but also teaching how to just be a respectable person in today’s world.

“Jorge Ochoa, Sebastian Turrado, and myself made an astonishing effort to make it to conference,” said Alvarez.

These hard working cadets have not only bowled for fun but have gone above and beyond and have become all conference players and made Phoenix a little more recognized.

In the end, bowling is such a tough sport because it is hard trying to get that perfect strike by rolling the ball a certain way which takes a lot of practice.