Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars, never being a movie of interest or significance for me was very different this last go around. A movie that’s been around for years usually begin to become redundant and that’s not the case for this. It’s able to grab your attention, with the theme repeating itself for the first part and tops it the second part. This being its latest film in the galaxy spanning franchise has proved itself to be unexpectedly polarizing. In the opening weekend the movie made over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales. This movie, is crowd pleaser for years continues to excel and beat the odds. A blockbuster movie with a good word of mouth, going up on Saturday from Friday and slightly over-performing initial estimates for the second-biggest opening weekend of all time. Eventually this movie will be historical if it continues at this pace, and keeps its loyal fan base up to par. Overall, as long as they keep a fresh idea at the same time remain loyal to the plot from the beginning they will continue to have a successful outcome.