Following The Beat

Dancing can be one’s passion but it takes a lot of courage to dance in front of others. Dancing comes with practice, effort, motivation, etc.


Phoenix Military Academy dance team had a dance competition at Whitney Young on January 14, 2018 because that’s what they have been prepared for by their coach Ms.Urquhart.


The girls had their first dance competition. Although, they did practice the members still got nervous the first time they performed.This feeling grew more as they faced a lot of challenging competitors.


“ I felt excited yet really nervous. We had an issue during competition. I am not sure why we were standing in the wrong place for our routine and that caused the team to get confused, consequently having to somewhat improvise, but my team did a good job improvising although I made it more obvious that I had no idea what I was doing; we can just laugh at that” said Senior Diana Guerrero.


With time and practice the dancing team can plan to accomplish much more. Practice still pays off.


“Ms.Urquhart tends to challenge us with weird movements and pushes confidence. Once, she had us practicing by pairs to see where we need to improve, and it’s challenging if you don’t initially have confidence because people are staring. I can see that confidence increase and as we go, I can also see how we get closer to each other. No drama, just fun,” said Guerrero.


The dancing team alsos has learned to support each other to accomplish more. This helps others to be motivated, perform with confidence, and feel better. Nobody should be left out or have their confidence lowered by someone else.


“When I got to Whitney Young, I didn’t feel nervous but at the very moment that we were about to enter to the gym floor. I became really nervous. A few of my team members notice that I was nervous so they helped me out a little and it made me feel better,” said junior Rosa Sifuentes.