Above and Beyond


Hard work, dedication, and hardship, are all qualities people use to describe the top 10 students. The list for top ten freshmen are very high compared to prior years. There are a total of 45 freshmen on the top 10 list all being tied to each other.  


“I am somewhat proud of knowing there are so many people doing well in their classes, yet I feel that top 10 is inflated, I feel indifferent and discontent because ⅓ of the freshmen class are on the top 10, furthermore, I am discontent because I am not number 1,” said freshman Marco Torres.


The ranking goes as followed: Alexis Duran number 1, Alexis Lopez and Angela Ruiz at 2, Dayanara Zavala, Naydelin Ramos, Nadya Ornelas, Kevin Rios, Edward Magallanes at 3, Elizabeth Martinez, Guadalupe Morales, Jorge Reyna, Hannia Paredes at 4, Lizbeth Avalos, Cecilia Cortez, Daniela Aguirre, Evelyn Rodriguez, Aron Pacalso, Roselyn Parada at 5, Daniela Padilla, Raul Ortiz, Abel Miranda, Marco Torres, Graciela Torres, Samuel Diaz, Carlos Zepeda, Treylan Holmes, Vanessa Cazares, Olena Butsyk, Joe Carrasco-Rodriguez at 6, Angel Villa at 7, Evelyn Reyes, Jasmine Nevarez, Myasia Sutton, Lorena Mendoza, Francisco Guzman, Zharia Conner, Valeria Alcaraz, Angelica Lopez at 8, Julieta Lara at 9, Fernando Ruiz, Pamela Alanis, Jonathan Arias, Jessica Banos, Aldair Luna, Daniel Mendoza at 10.


Like any student, they all have dreams. They have goals to reach to get to the road they desire. Some already know what they want to pursue and others are still debating.


“ My future goals is to become an Accountant,” said Freshman Jorge Reyna.


Of course it’s not just the hard work that these kids put into being in the top ten. It is also their will and motivation. Many of them using money, family or grades as motivation.


“ My younger brothers are my motivation. I want them to follow in my footsteps,” said Freshman Nadya Ornelas.


They all encourage younger students to follow them and do their best.


“ Some advice would be don’t be afraid of Jaji and her Unique ways of teaching.”


In the end every student worked their hardest and pushed to the very end to get to where they are at. Congratulations Top 10! Keep up the hard work!