Yeezy Beluga 2.0


The Adidas Yeezy Boosts are shoes made by Adidas in collaboration with singer and songwriter Kanye West.

Following a long line of successful Yeezys the “Beluga 2.0” is the latest shoes to become available to the public. The 2.0 is the second version of its original Beluga, a highly coveted shoe in the sneaker community.

The differences between the Original Beluga and Beluga 2.0 is that a pull tab has been added to the back of the shoe in order to allow easier access to the shoe. Along with that, the Original has a signature stripe running down the side of the shoe which the 2.0 do not. Both shoes still have the “Sply-350” which is suppose to run within the stripe.

The upper of the 2.0 is significantly lighter than the Beluga and thus is usually worn with lighter color outfits. Although a orange print can slightly be viewed in the Beluga the V2 does not have the feature with the exception of the “Sply- 350”

Comfort between the Beluga and 2.0 doesn’t feel any different. The boost is still the leading technology for comfort and is what the sole of the shoes are made of. Boost is made up of hundreds of nuggets of super-springy thermoplastic polyurethane pressed together to make a sole.

Although not as sacred as the Original Belugas, the 2.0 are a worthy contender with other Yeezy. Small changes have been made to the Yeezy in order to create a different look, but overall they are like most other Yeezys. They are not bad shoes and are highly recommended in the sneaker community. Overall they receive an 4 out of 5 for comfortability, price, and style.