Chicago Scholars

“We uniquely select, train, and mentor academically ambitious students from under-resourced communities to complete college and become the next generation of leaders who will transform their neighborhoods and our city.”- Chicago Scholars

Juniors are given the opportunity to sign up for a program called Chicago Scholars. The program entails- a seven-year college access, success, leadership development, and mentoring academically motivating individuals.. They look for teens who are strongly interested in attending a 4 year college, are committed, and are under resourced.

Seniors Abigail Pio, Tiara Fearon, Aristeo Martinez, and America Sanchez are already apart of the program and have given a presentation to juniors on what the requirements and benefits are from the program. This included college access: launch, college persistence, lift and college to careers, lead. Furthermore, extensive college counseling, which helps them successfully enroll in best match & fit colleges, and are supported through the college transition process by their mentors and staff. They highly suggest that juniors take advantage of this opportunity.

The deadline for the application is February 12, 2018. Applicants are required to give personal info such as: your address, phone number along with extra curriculars/awards, two essays about why you would like to be in the program, test scores, and three recommendations.

The seniors highly suggest the juniors to take advantage of this program. After all, it is an opportunity of getting extra help when it comes to college.