2018 Cadets of the Quarter


Every quarter eight students are recognized for their outstanding academic efforts. Two from every grade level are chosen and rewarded with a photo of themselves placed in the hallway. This is the school’s way of showing off its students who go above and beyond when it comes to grades. Despite the requirements of having to have good grades, they are also used as an example for their peers to inspire others.


Freshmen Angela Ruiz and Dakota Ivy have officially made their stamp. With the transition of starting high school, making new friends, and adjusting, they were still able to stay focused to receive this award.


Sophomores Destiny Stevens and Jonathan Lee continue to make their way up the ladder in their second year into highschool.  What better way to stand out than achieving cadet of the quarter?


Juniors Omar Perez and Briana Quezada were able to manage their grades considering the stress regarding SAT in just a few short months.


“Manage your time wisely and think anything is possible,” said Omar Perez.


Last but not least, seniors Steven Mamahua and Abigail Pio are making their final mark with graduation only four short months away.


“Maintain the workload and prioritize. Although this was something I was not aiming for, it is something I should be doing regardless,” said Steven Mamahua.


Overall, the message from the Cadets of the Quarter was work hard first and socialize later. Your friends and activities don’t necessarily have a deadline, so your work should always come first.