The Cresting Ceremony


The cresting ceremony at Phoenix Military Academy is an event when the freshmen become official cadets of PMA. At this time the cadets have the chance to show their friends and family see them become apart of the PMA and JROTC community. During this time cadets from every let level also respectfully give the freshmen a warm welcome.

For many freshman cadets when they receive their crest, they feel a sense of unity because like everyone else they have a crest on their barret which is the last thing on their uniform that makes them almost the same as all other higher let cadets.

Seniors can remember the cresting ceremony almost the same way when they were freshmen. They felt that they were officially apart of Phoenix Military Academy,  were ready to take part in everything that PMA has to offer, and distinguished themselves as leaders.

Many freshmen would feel the same because when asked what other awards they would like to add to their uniform; many of them said rank because it signifies their leadership and makes them more serious about the uniform. With that, many of the freshmen seem that they take better care of the uniform and respect it more.

While many senior cadets wish they can participate in more activities, for more awards on their class A’s, many freshmen should keep in mind the different opportunities they have to decorate their Class A’s. While it might seem pointless, it can help when they become seniors and have to interview with a college or a scholarship committee, since the uniform tends to get a lot of good attention.

Being apart of Phoenix Military Academy has many benefits and one those is making you look presentable, and the first step to that is the cresting ceremony.