Tarte Shape Tape Disaster


Tarte is well known for their cosmetic line. Tarte Cosmetics is continuously bringing out new products to their line. They recently introduced  a new Tarte Shape Tape foundation to match their Tarte Shape Tape concealer, which is very well known and liked.

Tarte only came out with 15 foundation shades for both Matte and Hydrating  totaling  30 shades. However, they mainly dropped shades for light skin tones and very few for dark skin tones. Since Tarte has  a huge platform this is really unacceptable. Woman or even men who wear makeup do not just have light skin tones. So 15 shades wouldn’t match everyone who even wears foundation and are a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics.

Although Tarte mentioned that they were in a rush to release the product. I feel like if Tarte knew their shade range wasn’t complete, then they should have known people would feel offended by what they came out with.

People do not just come in light skin tones; they come in all types of shades.  By saying they were in a rush to release the product, I feel as if light skin tones  were   more of a priority to them and that’s completely wrong. The few dark shades didn’t really work on people either. They either dried too fast or would wear off quickly.