The game Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a sequel to the first game “ Resident Evil “ which came out in 1996. The whole game is based off of a chemical spill that makes humans start to become mutants.

This game can be played from the ages of 13 and over because there are a lot of R rated graphics that makes it difficult for some parents/guardians to consider this game appropriate for those under the age 13.   Over the years, the game has become rated R since the graphics become more exposed, having more foul language, and as well some nudity.

For myself playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 is by far the best shooting/killing game there can be and it’s something that makes the original game even better. Having each new game for Resident Evil come out is exciting just because of the new characters that are involved especially Leon S. Kennedy which is the main character for the first game of Resident Evil. New weapons and mutants make the game more interesting especially when the story takes place.

Most of all I recommend playing Resident Evil Revelations 2, because it can be played in either Xbox, Playstation, or even Nintendo Switch for those who are into shooting/killing games this is a rating of five out of five.