Be The Change

Be The Change

Phoenix Military Academy has helped out many organizations and continues to give back proudly! The school continuously does service learning projects, blood drives and fundraising to help any team or organization. For a couple of weeks now every fifth/sixth period was given a donation box for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society from Mrs. Raygoza. The boxes were decorated by her students. Every Monday they collected the money to see which class was in the lead!

Any donation can make a difference, small or big, can help save someone’s life. Overall, $767.98 was raised as a school.

“ An instructor from CPFTA motivated me to donate, he told us his son had passed away from Leukemia and I wanted to help in every way possible,” said junior Keilyn Torres.

Mrs. Raygoza had first and second place winners. Mrs. Flint’s fifth/sixth came in first place with $178.55, earning a pizza and ice cream party  to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the fundraising.

Mr Bernthal’s class also won a pizza party for coming in second place. In week three someone anonymously left a one hundred dollar bill making a big difference in the competition. People who struggle with Leukemia  or Lymphoma will receive help because of these donations! They aren’t alone in this world and giving back to anyone can really make a difference and change someone’s life in so many ways.

Junior Jorge Ochoa agrees. Ochoa says he believes in giving back to people in any way that he can.

“ To raise more money we should have out of uniform days. Everyone seems to participate in those which would help fundraise much more money,” said Ochoa.

Getting everyone to come together and make a difference would be huge, it could help out so much.