The Comeback

Cesar Villalba graduated Phoenix in 2012 has returned to coach the next generation of Phoenix Military Academy wrestlers.

Since the season started Villalba has done nothing but dedicate his time to train all of the wrestlers. “I was looking forward to taking the Phoenix Wrestling team to a whole new level. Breaking away from our ‘old style’ and bringing something new to the table. In the process, transforming Phoenix into a wrestling Powerhouse,” said Villalba.

Villalba was a wrestler himself at 126 lbs. He returned with the intention of teaching the athlete’s the importance of working towards the top of the podium. Which for Villalba  means pure dedication to eating healthy, being mentally ready, and training hard every time you step foot on the mats.

Since graduating PMA, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps from March 2013 to March 2017 and settled down and started a family.

“The only disadvantage to coaching wrestling is time management. Balancing my time between working a full time job, spending time with my family, and training the next generation of PMA wrestlers,” said Villalba.