Mean, Tough & Making History


For the first time in Phoenix’s  history four wrestlers were declared state qualifiers.

Senior Jason Lua and juniors Kevin Rodriguez, Martin Martinez and Omar Perez were all named State Qualifiers after their victories at sectionals.

“In my honest opinion words cannot describe how I feel. Although this is my first time making PMA history, it surely won’t be my last,” said Perez.

This season was definitely a different season with a new coach along, and stricter schedule. The wrestlers had to put in more than hours in order to prepare for this. Wrestlers needed to make sure they were on point with their weight and training.

“You have good days and bad days and good weeks and bad weeks,” said Coach Curin.

The team not only had to deal with hard practices and consistent days, but also with some losses and people who quit the team.

“I’m glad I didn’t quit. My instincts always brought me back to the coaches and the team for another day of practice,” said senior Jason Lua.

Although the team faced a lot of obstacles they managed to overcome them and make their mark in the books.

On February 15th the four state qualifiers and Coach Curin arrived at the University of Illinois to compete at the IHSA state wrestling competition.  Although the four did not advance, the experience is one that they will not forget.