Men’s Soccer vs. Women’s Soccer

Men’s Soccer vs. Women’s Soccer

Throughout history and up until today’s society, it has been evident that men have been perceived as being more privileged and more advantageous than women. Men have been perceived to be stronger, faster, and smarter than women. This can be seen throughout history when men were able to enhance their education way before women had that right. Men were also able to fight in wars due to their physique, while women had to stay home, clean, cook, and care for the children. In the sports industry today, women are still being overlooked on their talents as “men sports” are majorly watched by the public instead of “women sports”. This is evident with the sport of soccer, yet women’s soccer contains wholesome strategic plays, with a tactical form, loyal teammates, and less drama. Women’s soccer demonstrates a stronger team than men’s soccer through their technical plays during the game, their strong chemistry and loyalty to the team, and women’s true enlightenment with the game of soccer.


        Many will state that men’s soccer is superior to women’s soccer because male soccer players are faster, stronger, and more athletic than female players; on the other hand, women’s soccer focuses on technique and their passes which strengthen the women’s team in skill.


Women make up for their speed and strength through their skills and thought out plays. Women can also be strong, fast, and techical with their skills, as a prime example of Brandi Chastain, who won the 1999 World Cup for her team when she scored the winning goal. While celebrating, Chastain flexed her muscles while shirtless and demonstrated how she could be strong both physically and mentally.


Women’s soccer players also contribute to a strong atmosphere within the team by having enhanced chemistry and loyalty. Having observed both men and women soccer high school games, I have realized that when the men play there are always individuals that refuse to pass the ball to their teammates because they insist on shooting a goal themselves. This is not as common in women’s games that I have observed, as they are more loyal to their team. They believe that it takes teamwork to score a goal demonstrating their active passes throughout the team in order to help each other score. Success in women’s soccer is not focused on individual success, but is more focused on strengthening the team as a whole. This characterizes the true meaning of soccer as being a quick-paced, technical, and team-focused game. Women demonstrate those characteristics and how their hard work, selflessness, teamwork, and chemistry play a bigger role in strengthening the team rather than men’s techniques of playing aggressively and individually.


Women play wholly when it comes to the sport of soccer, women truly grasp the true meaning of the sport and they play not only to win but to experience. When observing the men’s national games, I would often see men “flopping”, getting fouls, fighting, being dramatic, faking injuries, and selfishly playing.


Women tend to play without many breaks, so although they are statistically not as fast as men, women play for ongoing amounts of time while men’s games have many fouls and fights that interrupt game time. According to research done by Dr. Daryl Rosenbaum, 14 percent of male athletes “met the criteria for a definite injury”. They concluded that women are twice as likely to actually be injured when being compared to men that fall to the ground.


Women’s soccer games contain true skills for the sport and true grasp of the meaning of playing soccer, as opposed to the reason that many men play which is  the insane amount of money they receive and the publicity they receive due to the drama and fouls instead of playing for the love of the sport.


Women have been overlooked for many years in respect to governmental issues, rights, benefits, and even sports, as most of the attention has been focused on men. Yet, it is highly evident through statistics and experiences from the public, that women play with true technicality, skill, timeliness, teamwork, and true love for the game of soccer. Women may have been overlooked in the past when it comes to soccer, but through their true talent, they have proven to have a stronger team than the men’s team. Soccer may have started with men, but it will end with women.