The Last Game

Sports are full of sweat, bonds, hard work, energy, positivity  and practice.


The girls’ basketball team had their last game of the season at Alcott High School on January 16, 2018.

Although the girls were challenged, it all came down to practice and the effort people put into it. Over time, practice will lead to success.


“We need to learn the basics and playing like a team,” said junior Sadie Ortiz.


Bonding is also an important role because without bonding there is no communication. However, bonding is based on building friendship which can take time. With time and practice goals can be met.


It’s believed that improvement would be shown if people were able to think as a group rather than thinking about their own success.


“We need to get out of our own heads and start thinking about the team as a whole rather than worrying about how good you do in the group,” said Ortiz.


Everything leads to being prepared, confident, and motivated for all the games. Goals set during time are accomplishable to reach.


“ We didn’t really feel prepared because we did not know all of the plays and not everyone was really motivated,” said Ortiz.