Chicago Bulls Turn Around

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The Chicago Bulls started rough as they went on to start the season with a 3-20 record. People expected them to be the worst team in the NBA, and expectations seemed to be coming true. Then, a miracle happened.

After Nikola Mirotic faced an injury on his jaw due to his teammate, Bobby Portis, he finally came back with extreme confidence. As soon as he came back, the whole team seemed to have a spark. They then went on to win 7 games in a row.

During this game win streak, the whole team had a different feeling. Players who struggled in the beginning of the season began to turn around and do good. Kris Dunn for example, during the 7 game stretch averaged 16.6 points, 7.4 assists, 4.9 rebounds and players like Denzel Valentine stats increased as well.

Hopefully the Bulls can keep this up as they continue on throughout the season. It would be tough to make the playoffs, and the Bulls still have to decide whether to tank the season, or try their hardest to make the playoffs. Bull fans have nothing to worry, all they have to do is just be patient, and go with the flow of the coaches, staff, and players.


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