Child Abuse

As time passes by, more and more children admit to have been abused at some point in their life. What we know is that most parents would fight the world to keep their children safe and healthy. But some parents neglect physically and mentally their child.

People who have abused their child or are abusing their child should be given 20 years to life in prison. The punishments are less severe and should be made more severe since the children are defenseless. Although, when parents are incarcerated the child or children are left alone or put in a foster home.

People should try and learn how to spot child abuse or neglect at the early stages. This would help the children in the long run, and would benefit the children by stopping it. Learning how to spot child abuse at its early stages would be beneficial by stopping and helping the child before the abuse gets worse. By doing this people who learn the early stages of child abuse and they could prevent the abuse from getting worse and by telling the authorities..

Children who have been abused or neglected will be affected in the long run use a different way to say this if you can. Children who have been abused will have impaired cognitive and socio-emotional skills. They will develop anxiety and improper brain development. This affects them in the long run because talking to people and trying to trust others makes their anxiety kicks in. Once anxiety kicks in they start to think everyone wants to hurt them.

children don’t know how to defend themselves and don’t know how to react when they’re getting neglected or abused. They depend on their parents for safety and to be healthy.

People who hurt their child should be incarcerated for a long time because the children are not only affected for that time only, but  it affects them in the long run. Also, the children are defenseless and would not know what to do in that situation .

We should all take time and learn the early stages of child abuse so we can prevent it from worsening.