The National Football League (NFL) started in 1920 and was first known as the American Professional Football Association, until two years later when the league changed it to the NFL. On January, 15 1967 the first Super Bowl was played by the Packers and the Chiefs with the Packers winning 35-10.

Now it is 2018, and the NFL is still as popular as it was before. I love the NFL for several reasons although there is a lot of talk about the NFL rigging games to make some teams better, make players into kings, and/or to make the games more interesting.

My first reason is the fans. If you ever been to a NFL game you will notice that it doesn’t matter if the team’s record is 0-11 the fans are always the best. The NFL brings people together by supporting their team in all types of weather.

That brings be to my second reason, football can be played in any type of weather. Football in the mud is a lot of fun because everyone is sliding. In the rain the ball is slippery and hard to handle and throw.

My final reason is that every team has their weakness and not one team has all of the titles. One team does not win every year. In the NFL anything can happen like the “little” team beating the “big” teams. There are also amazing catches and really hard hits that make it enjoyable to watch.

That is why I love the NFL because the fans, the weather, and not one team having everything, will always make it entertaining. I will continue to watch the NFL because I like to see how professionals do and learn to improve myself.