Our Future, Our Choice


The beginning of senior year is scheduled with “How To” classes for scholarships, college applications, and college readiness. A student must know what they want to do with their lives when the semester begins in order to have enough time to accomplish the requirements.

Many students do not decide to go to college right away, and like me, decide to enlist. So if we go through with enlisting and have our future settled we should not be required to sit through all the college activities like the other students are required to. I do understand why our counselors try and give us many options other than the military so if anything were to happen we are prepared with a back up plan. The possibility of becoming ill or injured between the time you enlist and the time you depart is a risk but an unlikely one.

However, with a few months left to graduate I’m still expected to apply to various colleges and manage my FAFSA just like any other student. Regardless, I am trying to focus on my weaknesses that I might face at basic training. I want to be totally focused on my first choice just like one of my peers applying to Western Illinois University or any other school.

There are many reasons high school students enlist. Most likely they were not the best student and might need the time off to focus on something else, then resume getting an education which is essential to any job environment.

Other students who are only applying to college are not forced to look into the military like those who are trying to enlist are forced to apply to colleges as a safety option.

If I am secure with my choice, I should be given the same support and confidence as those who only focus on applying to colleges.