March for DACA

Last weekend on January 17th Ms.Perez, coordinator of 5 +1= 20, organized a group of students to support a DACA march downtown. The students marched from Daley Plaza to the Trump Tower.

The rally was a call to action so that Congress could rise up and protect thousands of children who came to the U.S illegally when they were younger.

The rally consisted of many DACA recipients, family members, friends, and people who wanted to stand up for what was right.

Many students from Phoenix Military Academy attended the rally, to show their support for DACA. Seniors Guadalupe Trejo and Yesenia Hiracheta were two of the students in attendance.

“This was more than a simple march, it was a step towards equality. DACA students are not second class citizens and they deserve to be viewed as equals and treated with the same rights  as citizens,” said Trejo.

There have been various marches and rallies all over the United States in support of DACA, especially with the constant dispute between the democrats and the President of the United States on whether to keep or dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program.

This issue is still ongoing, and it impacts everyone from DACA recipients to families, friends, coworkers, and students, which is why many students at Phoenix Military stand with DACA and advocate for them along with many other organizations.