Girls Bowling


Although  unable to make it to the playoffs as a team some of the girls made it to the individual playoffs. The girls that made it to individual playoffs were Juniors April De la Cruz , Jacqueline Ortiz, Veronica Gutierrez , and Yamel Lopez.

“I would change the fact on making practice mandatory because practice helps a lot when having games,” said Gutierrez.

Towards the end of season their overall scores were: De la Cruz with a total score of 2,342, Ortiz with 1,951, Gutierrez with 1,655 and Lopez with 1,412. Overall all the girls on the team worked hard and continued to work hard for the upcoming season.  

“Practice was fun, you got to hang with one another and have a good time while improving on our skills. The games were competitive and we would give it our all,” said Lopez.

Overall the girls bowling team had a good season and continue to improve the team with new members and old members improving their skills. Each of the girls has their own way of bowling, but when together each girl helps each other out.

“Practice gave us the chance to try new things and see what we do differently when we have games so that’s what makes it fun because we eventually try something new every practice makes improvements,” said Gutierrez.