Mr. Faloona

Mr. Faloona

This year, we would like to welcome Mr. Faloona to PMA. Mr. Faloona has had a lot of experience being a substitute for many schools and took the chance to be at PMA when Mrs. Nowak went on maternity leave. He is now teaching English III and Humanities to the cadets.


“I had been substitute teaching for a while, and one day it led me to PMA. I got to talking with Ms. Mares, and it turned out she knew that PMA would have a temporary position opening up when Mrs. Nowak went on maternity leave. I made sure to follow up, and keep in touch. I’m glad I did,” said Mr. Faloona


Mr. Faloona studied to have a bachelor’s degree in English Education at UIC making him a perfect fit for the English and Humanities classes.


“My experience so far has been wonderful! I have met so many enthusiastic young learners, and brilliant young minds that have inspired me in so many ways! These youngsters make teaching fun! Go PMA!,” said Mr. Faloona


Mr. Faloona connected with his students in so many ways in just the very little amount of time here which he believes is an amazing part of his job. He also has a sense of humor that many students enjoy!


“An interesting experience I have had is that a lot of the students have been very nice and complimented me, and told me that they like the way that I dress. Then they ask me where I do my shopping, and I think a lot of them are surprised when I tell them that most of my stuff is either just from on-sale at Target, or from online clearance sales, or I just found it while hunting through a second-hand shop! Never pay full price, kids!” said Mr. Faloona  


As much as he likes to teach, he also has a pretty chill and laid back life outside of PMA. He enjoys time on his own, with his family, and friends.


“I like to be as boring as possible! No just kidding 🙂 I have a family, 16 month old son, and a four-year-old pitbull and they are the lights of my life. Most of the time I’m just hanging out with them, going for walks and stuff. Other than that I love drinking coffee, playing guitar and writing songs in my home recording studio, riding bikes, reading (biographies mostly, nowadays), drawing cartoons, screen printing posters and T-shirts, going to fancy restaurants I can’t afford, and driving around in my giant ugly work van to thrift stores, flea markets, and Craigslist ads to salvage and renovate vintage furniture, and other peculiar knick-knacks/ odds-n-ends,” said Faloona.  


Putting his students first and making sure they’re successful  is what Mr. Faloona is all about when on the job.


“No matter what happens I try to stay cool, calm and collected so that I can make sure that I help keep my students focused on achieving their goals, and being successful. It’s not always easy, but I try! I’m a leader and a go-getter. I set em’ up, and knock em’ down! And my dad jokes are pretty decent too,” said Mr. Faloona.