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H&M bashed by many due to the “racism”

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H&M has been slammed for racism after featuring a photo of a African American boy wearing a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie. The hoodie, available at the store’s United Kingdom page as a “printed hooded top,” was noticed Sunday by social media users such as blogger Stephanie Yeboah, whose outraged screen capture of the offering went viral.

Honestly I see the point of view from both sides. One side is expressing the fact that there is already racism in the world and considering African Americans were seen as monkeys, it just sends the wrong message. On the other hand, the sweater was just a sweater and no one was intentionally trying to be racist. I think sometimes people just look for a reason to speak out about things that they’ve been feeling a certain way about but are only willing to talk when others do.

Eventually people began to shift the anger at the mom who felt it was completely appropriate. They felt she was only okay with it because she was receiving the money but it’s also apart of business. After the big commotion, H&M came out with a line of sweaters regarding “hateful” things towards Whites, Arabs, Mexican, and Chinese as a step to redeeming themselves in the black communities.


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H&M bashed by many due to the “racism”