Technology Impacts Our World


Technology today is connected to everything. Technology comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Technology can be used for medicine, televisions, phones, etc. There are various opinions on how technology makes everything easier, or how it makes humans useless or lazy.


Technology is not the one that badly effects human life, yet it’s people who harm themselves. It’s just an excuse that people casually use when in reality they just do not want to do what they have to or want to supposedly do. Everyone just simply relies on technology and some rely on it more than others.


Some people may say that before people used to be more active outside.  They sat that kids use to run, go to the park, hang out with friends, etc. Now, it’s assumed that all what kids do is just sit on their phone, tablet, computer, etc. Even parents say that their kids got fat due to sitting all day looking at a screen without moving a bone.


However. if parents do not motivate their kids to go out, they will not do it on their own. Buying everything for their kid, including new high-tech gadgets, will not make them more motivated to be active. This also means that parents must play an important role in this, an example would be maybe going to the park together and play a sport than to be on the phone. Even Boundaries may be set for how long the video games may be used. Parents use this as an excuse. If the parent goes out of the house, so will the kid.


In addition to the discipline and boundaries, this can be a way to  motivate ourselves to use it in the right way instead of using it as an excuse. For example, instead of sitting on our phones we can use the apps installed and go for a jog in order to cancel out the media. We have to teach ourselves to use technology in a beneficial way.


If things were better off without technology why are more things diagnosed now? It’s easier to diagnose stuff because of technology. It makes things easier but it’s also able to help us identify things we wouldn’t identify without the assistance of technology. For example, there is the blood pressure device that makes it easier for people to know their blood pressure to help their health.


Therefore technology is not bad people just have bad habits. People use it incorrectly and use it as excuse It’s not the sources fault instead it’s the fault of those who don’t know how to use the source for something beneficial.


We should use technology for the better instead for the worse. We can learn to use it correctly and live our lives set with our own discipline because honestly technology is just helping us become better We just need to go with it and work with it.