Brother Hood

Phoenix Military is home to many sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Many clubs are passed on from one generation to the next, and Brotherhood is one of them. Brotherhood has been passed down for many years to the next group of leaders who will continue to nurture the movement.

Normally, the Brother leadership team is composed of mostly seniors who have been a part of Brotherhood for most of their time in highschool. Every now and then juniors, and even freshmen, are brought into the leadership team because they have opened up to the group and have shown they are a real brother.

“Brotherhood isn’t just a club where your homies can chill and hang out after school. This is a family in which young men can grow no matter what they have gone through. You have young men who have seen what other young men will never see in their lives. Everyone helps each other and is there for one another. This is one family which can move swiftly even when we meet up on days that we don’t have school,” said SGT. 1st Class Narvaez.

To this day, new faces always appear at the meetings. Brotherhood makes new men, and opens up the hearts and minds of those who did not see the big picture. Most importantly, Brotherhood helps men to handle various situations by looking at many different perspectives so they can learn better ways to help others and also help themselves.

“I stay in Brotherhood because the things we say can change a person’s life, no matter how small or big their problems are,” said senior Brotherhood leader, Isaac Martinez.

Overall, Brotherhood is here to make better men, to sculpt young minds, and to allow them to  say whatever is on their mind without having someone judging. At the end of the day, whatever happens in Brotherhood, stays in Brotherhood.