New Voices Act Spreads

New Voices Act Spreads

The New Voices Act is a student run movement to restore the right for student journalists to gather information and report about public issues of concern. Currently, 13 out of 50 states have passed this act, and more are fighting to get it passed, one is the state of Missouri.


Madison Abanathie, a junior at Francis Howell North High School in Saint Charles, Missouri is an editor for her school’s online newspaper at and also a New Voices Act enthusiast.  


“This act is extremely important, because it allows students to make content that they may be making at a job in the future. It gives them practice in how to cover controversial topics before a job is on the line,” said Abanathie.


Though Abanathie lives in the state of Missouri, where the Act as not yet passed, her team of writers are not restricted like some other schools are.


“It doesn’t do too much for FHN, because our administrators don’t prior review our stuff,” said Abanathie.


At other schools, students are forced to have their work prior reviewed, which is, being checked by an administrator before being posted and possibly having the story cut because of “inappropriate content.”


The New Voices Act prevents all of this, restoring the power to the students for student run publications.


“Unless something is considered libelous, the Act would have let publications cover topics important to their school. Without this law, the schools that have administrators that extremely restrict their content, are restricted to producing not the groundbreaking stuff they should,” said Abanathie.