Cap and Gown

Cap and Gown

There comes a point when every senior dreams of their big day. Crossing the stage, getting their diploma and moving on to college. Every senior had to meet deadlines and stick with the senior contract in order to participate in senior activities. High schools around the world have the opportunity to express their individuality everyday including their senior graduation.

However, at Phoenix Military Academy seniors will have to worry about their Class A, neck tab, and berets on graduation day. No matter how much seniors have tried to convince the staff, graduation will always be in Class A. The class of 2018 should have the opportunity to express themselves for their graduation day.

It is true of course, that students willingly choose to attend Phoenix Military Academy; a military school. They knew even before attending that the school is disciplined and rigorous about the uniform.

However, the class of 2018 broke records academically and is only asking to wear civilian clothes on their special day. The class of 2018 was the first class to get the STEM Grant of $1.6 million and exceeded SAT scores over 1010. In addition, the Class of 2018 was the first to have a Questbridge recipient and two Posse scholars in the same year. Seniors deserve one day of civilians for their graduation for meeting and exceeding their goals.

Seniors should have the option to express their individuality and walk across the stage proudly with whatever they decide to be comfortable in. Graduation day overall is about the seniors and them finally moving on to a new stage in their life. Moreover, many parents wish to see their child cross the stage in their civilian clothes. The senior class has spent four years worrying about and struggling with their uniform. The class of 2018 is only asking one thing: freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is important in this situation because you are talking about cadets that have struggled for  many years to show who they really are because of a uniform that does not allow for individuality.

Finally, I am not saying we should remove the uniform entirely, however, we should make it at least an option to wear civilian clothes or Class A. Some cadets, over the years, have fell in love with their uniform and are proud to wear it. Meanwhile, others have dream’t about crossing the stage in  a dress or tux and throwing their caps instead of their berets. Every cadet should have the option to choose what to wear or class A.

Whether it is civilian clothes or class A, the class of 2018 should have the opportunity to express themselves on their special day. Seniors, imagine being the first class to walk on that stage with civilian clothes like most high schools do. We need to be able to stand up for what we want and that means standing up to the staff. Yes, they can be intimidating, but we should not be frightened of what we want on our graduation day. With the help of every cadet, we can make  history by having options and helping  those that will come  after us. We can have the option to choose what to wear or Class A if we unite. We can make it happen.