11th grade meeting with Mr.Wipachit

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success”- Shiv Khera

All 11th graders recently had a meeting with principal mr.wipachit in regards to the SAT. In which he expects all to do well on.

He talked to the students about PSAT prep and khan academy. He exclaimed that if any student increased their score by 200 points they will receive a 20 dollar reward.

Mr. Wip mentioned this program called academic approach, that is expected to prepare students for the exam. Well over 14,000 dollars has been invested in this program and staff is highly recommending juniors to sign up for it.

Evenmore, lots of money has been invested into another program called imentor, to allow Ms. A, who works with the program to match students with mentors.

Colonel Chyterbok also spoke at the meeting. He implicated the seriousness of discipline and staying out of trouble.

SAT is something that is taken very serious at pma. Mr. Wip encouraged the juniors by telling them that their class is expected to exceed the standards on the test.

He talked about another program called khan academy. This is a online program that covers PSAT problems for every subject.

It is said that students who spend 20 hours on khan academy is expected to increase their score by 115 points. This program has already been taking place in the classrooms at pma.

Next Ms. Johnson came to speak about attendance. Telling students that if they show up everyday here on out until june 18th, they will be entered into a giveaway to win really big prizes like flat screen tvs and bicycles.

PMA-2019” said Mr. wip and students as they chanted back and forth.